Medical Billing

keyboard with a dental keyThere is an ongoing trend within health care toward integration of health care.  This integration is aimed to provide better, more efficient care to improve patient outcomes.  How this trend affects dentistry is developing.  One thing we see is that more dental insurance plans are requiring dental offices to bill medical plans first for procedures such as: trauma from an accident, sleep apnea, oral and periodontal procedures, or dental disease secondary to cancer treatment.  

In our office, we typically see more complex dental cases where dental disease either results from or contributes to medical conditions.  

According to the CDA (, these are some procedures that medical plans MAY cover:

Some procedures that medical plans MAY cover


Being successful at billing medical insurance is an art in itself. Dr. Chao has invested in researching and hiring a 3rd party billing company that specializes in obtaining medical benefits for her dental patients.  While there is no guarantee that we will be able to secure medical coverage for dental treatment– we want to give our patients every chance of success and access to care that is possible. If you are interested in seeing if your medical insurance may help with your case, we are happy to submit a pre-dermination for you.  

Remember: Healthy Mouth= Healthy Body!