Fixed Implant Restoration

When multiple teeth are missing or failing, treatment options may include:

  • A removable partial denture
  • A multiple tooth-supported fixed bridge (using natural teeth)
  • An implant-supported bridge

Utilizing implants to support a bridge may be a more cost-effective and conservative way to replace multiple missing teeth. We make implant bridges using a variety of techniques. Our selection is based on creating the best restoration for each individual case– always keeping longevity in mind.

Here are a few patients Dr. Chao or Dr. Nguyen treated that show how dental implants can enhance your smile naturally, without affecting your other teeth. Here you can see two examples of “fixed” restorations– those that are not taken out at night. Similar to single implant crowns, implant bridges may be attached to the implants in a variety of ways. Below are examples of each: (For advantages and Disadvantages of each method, visit our Single Implant Page.)

Cement-Retained Implant Bridge

Before Image
Before Image

This young woman had spent the last 20 years raising her children and doing everything for them first. Now it was her turn. Her front teeth were damaged a long time ago and she was tired of wearing a removable partial denture. We restored her teeth with two implants and reshaped the narrow lateral with a porcelain crown and bridge. Now she can go to bed without leaving her teeth in a cup.-Actual patient treated by Drs. Chao or Nguyen

Screw-Retained Implant Bridge

Before Image
Before Image

For this gentleman, he was missing teeth on his upper left side from his canine all the way back. We restored 5 teeth with 3 implants. This is one of my favorite ways to construct a bridge by making it “screw-retained”. Our access holes which allow us to take the bridge off for long-term maintenance are concealed discretely. Can you tell where they are?- Actual patient of Drs. Chao or Nguyen