What is All​-on-4 ?

All-on-4 is a revolutionary approach to replace a full arch of teeth with only 4 implants. It is a concept that combines surgical, prosthetic and laboratory services to deliver fixed teeth to patients immediately as teeth are removed. Patients are therefore able to save time and money with increased comfort.  This procedure was developed in the 1990’s as a collaboration between Nobel Biocare and a Portuguese dentist named Paulo Malo.

Hallmarks of this procedure include:

  • Immediate placement of implants
  • Immediate Loading (placement) of fixed bridge
  • Tilted posterior (back) implants to avoid vital structures such as nerves and sinuses
  • A CAD-CAM designed and milled titanium bar with resin teeth

All-on-4 Advantages

  • High success rates- 98%
  • May eliminate the need for bone grafting (making the procedure more comfortable, faster, and less expensive)
  • Procedure is well-tolerated
  • Splinting or connecting implants allows for treatment of patients with diabetes, osteoporosis or other health conditions which are often contraindications for bone grafting
  • Teeth-in-a-day procedure! ONE surgery!
  • Natural-looking, fixed teeth that look and function like your own teeth
  • Easy to maintain and clean bridges
  • Cost-savings– typically about half the cost of alternative techniques (saving on bone grafting and additional implants)

Terminal Dentition

This is a term that dentists use to describe the point in which a person’s teeth are beyond restoration with conventional dentistry.  Terminal Dentition is caused by a combination of factors including: Gum disease (Periodontal Disease), tooth wear, drug addiction, genetics, dry mouth (xerostomia), cavities, smoking, trauma, poor oral hygiene, prior tooth loss, systemic diseases and failing restorations.   Once a person’s teeth reach this point, dentures and partial dentures used to be our only solution.  Now with dental implants and the precision of AO4 restorations, we offer our patients a chance to renew their smiles and health with the least amount of discomfort than ever before.

Pleasanton Prosthodontics

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Our Latest Patient Testimonial

I had the All in 4 surgery and it was the best surgery experience that I have ever encountered. Dr. Chao was so professional but also very concerned for my well being. I NEVER had ANY pain after surgery. I ended up throwing the pain pills away as I never needed them. The process was long but through it all I could hear the doctors talking to me and assuring me that everything was going well. When I woke up and the surgery was complete, the staff was really attentive and gave me instructions to follow at home. I received the normal call to see if I was okay the next day. The experience I have to say was so very positive, the best thing I did was to choose Dr Maggie Chao and she referred me to Dr Ali Alijanian for my extractions. The was the first time my experience of dental surgery was so positive and with a brilliant outcome. I am truly happy with the All in 4 and so happy with Pleasanton Prosthodontics. I would highly recommend this office.

- Tina J

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Our Latest Patient Testimonial

Dr. Maggie Chap is excellent! She pursued every avenue to help with my implants. I seen a dentist previous to her and he just wanted to remove my implants rather than correct the issue. She did a lot of research to correct all my issues. AWESOME Prosthodontist!

- Richard T

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Our Latest Patient Testimonial

Excellent service

- Letty P

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Our Latest Patient Testimonial

Dr Chao and her team have been absolutely amazing. I have had a full mouth All-On-4 procedure over the last few month and Dr Chao and the whole team at Pleasanton Prosthodontics have, from day one, reassured me and made me feel so relaxed and comfortable throughout the whole process. I cannot recommend Dr Chao and the team at Pleasanton Prosthodontics highly enough, they have been totally awesome and magnificent and made me feel like I was one of the family.

- Paul C

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